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released August 24, 2011

Brian, Ruben, Doug, Eric, Will



all rights reserved


Facts! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"What, did you have to take a Delorean back to 1997 to start this band?"

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Track Name: Cheesesteaks
A duffel bag and a handshake
A summer spent painting houses by the lake
Screaming loud, using God's name
Looking back for someone who felt the same
I always knew your name
It never stayed the same

Back home on the dry plane
Through the wires I can see red letters fade
I don't care what the books say
We'll wait 'till we see the light of day

I don't care about the odds,
We're better than that
And I swear this is permanent

But the train's too damn expensive
And the water's never been this cold
In this long line I'm finding out
They draw these lines on maps
And we do just as we're told
In these long lines
And I'm the only one without

Your blood was never blue like mine
Or my family tree I tried so hard to hide
Never a drop with me, but you looked so good with those
Sweet leaves burning between your lips
At your house down by the border
We pretend there's a reason left to stay
But I could never see myself in this bed
With so much to pay
I see your face on the glowing screen and I swear
It's the best that you'll ever get from me
Wrap yourself up in those new arms
And I'll start running free
But the drinks are too damn expensive
And the air has never been this cold
In this long line I'm growing old
And the leaves still make me choke
But they make the voices go
It's been a long time
And I'm still the only one without
Track Name: Ocean City Windshield Punch
Alex I apologize for the things I'm going to do tonight
Must have been the bottle that we shared out in the cold moonlight

I've been waiting so long...

I'm not trying to start a fight,
We all just want to know that we were right
We just want to make it home
Before those flashing lights

I've been waiting too long...

Every step I take is another step in to a waiting room
And when I reach the end I'll wonder why

Ocean City's sleeping
As we walk from door to door
When your family wakes up
I'll be passed out on your floor
When I arrived
I was bloody, broke and sore
But tomorrow
I'll be coming back for more

So with knuckles bruised and a stupid grin
I'll hit the floor again
Wake up in a pile of melted ice
Let another day begin
Couple cups of coffee and we'll head down to the beach
And maybe I can put these fucking demons all to sleep
Track Name: Jazz Odyssey
Look at those eyes in the bedroom
By the closet when you turn the lights off
I can never tell what they're saying
But they tear the walls down
You told me you could see them
So I held my hand out
Pull me up to the rooftop
I want to see what brings you down
And all these fake vibrations
Won't help me understand
So I'll keep checking these books
And holding my hand out

Red and black skin
Black and blue I'll let you in

Look at those dogs in the kitchen
The commitment and the water on the floor
I can still see your grey sweatpants
With the bloodstains in my door
I won't let my fingers do the talking anymore
Pull me out to the West,
I want to see what brings you down

This town, these skies,
This winter can't provide
This heat inside
Your window full of flies
Coffee cups and shells
Aren't enough to hold your purple eyes
Your disguise

I can still see those eyes
On my ceiling and my floor
I can feel them watching
As I sit outside my door
Disconnected and affected,
I'm infected to the core
When you're off without your friends
I want to see what brings you down

So maybe I'll see you down South
You know I'll always be around